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GW2 - InkGoretober 2015 [25 imges]

First time I did a 30-day Challenge and I thought the Inktober would be a good start! At the same time I found the GORE-Challenge and thought it'd be neat to combine it. Since 3 is a magical number I put it all into the Guild Wars 2 universe and went on from that... it was LOADS of fun and I am sure I want to do it again. Maybe even think of some new things/kinks to draw this time.

The Illustrations are done with Pencil & ink, then scanned and touched up in Photoshop.

I didn't include all of them since there were some I didn't like that much or it included Sexual content between.

Sayael nu tumblr nvjibeavda1u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #1
Excessive Gashes/Lacerations

Sayael nu tumblr nvls4qrz231u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #2
Extra Limbs/Eyes/Etc

Sayael nu tumblr nvnhhh02zu1u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #3

Sayael nu tumblr nvrd8azc2y1u8ub2oo1 r1 1280

Day #5

Sayael nu tumblr nvt9rrmyse1u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #6

Sayael nu tumblr nvx4ylluye1u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #8
Ritualistic Sacrifice

Sayael nu tumblr nvywu12bxz1u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #9
Monster Form

Sayael nu tumblr nw1tu11uqt1u8ub2oo1 r1 1280

Day #10
Blood Bath

Sayael nu tumblr nw2nwrp0cc1u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #11

Sayael nu tumblr nw4bff8l1a1u8ub2oo1 r1 1280

Day #12
Fire/Explosion Damage

Sayael nu tumblr nw62twpsk91u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #13

Sayael nu tumblr nw8594ljed1u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #14
Plant growth in body

Sayael nu tumblr nw9x6mnuhq1u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #15

Sayael nu tumblr nwbtrd0lbw1u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #16
Painful Transformation

Sayael nu tumblr nwfg5dyeqs1u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #18
Acid burn

Sayael nu tumblr nwh8wejso01u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #19
Toolbox Injuries/Robotic Parts/Prosthetics

Sayael nu tumblr nwj4tyzz8v1u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #20

Sayael nu tumblr nwl4knxzib1u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #21
Manslaughter/Serial Killer

Sayael nu tumblr nwmwqt90j21u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #22
Animal/beast wounds

Sayael nu tumblr nwolzfm8ff1u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #23
Nosebleed/Bruises/Minor Injury

Sayael nu tumblr nwugicfi691u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #26

Sayael nu tumblr nwwbc5ipdh1u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #27

Sayael nu tumblr nwzyqg0qbd1u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #29
Distorted Body/Broken Bone

Sayael nu tumblr nx3wr8wqym1u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #30

Sayael nu tumblr nx5jsdud991u8ub2oo1 1280

Day #31
Combine 3: Gut Spill | Animal/Beast Wounds | Disorted Body/Broken Bone