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Guild Wars 2 - Miquel Tharoor

My Norn Ranger from Guild Wars 2

Anna mirona strube gw2 miquel tharoor by sayael d9r4lma

Guild Wars 2 - In Verdant Brink

Sayael nu miquelsk001

Rough sketch for Layout & Pose

Sayael nu miquelsk003

Refining sketch, adding Armor, Weapons & more details

Sayael nu cut miquel03

Inking process. So many dreads!

Sayael nu miquelsk007

LineArt mostly done. Still with the old Bow tho...

Sayael nu cut miquel04

Close Up of the face. I like her face <3

Sayael nu cut miquel05

More Coloring Profgress. This time with the Zodiac Longbow! <3