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[2011-2012] Project LEAV var. Concepts

Some Concepts for a fictional Game I did back in college.
Featuring a alien race called Hoeus that live in gigantic walking Cities that roam through the endless deserts of a planet that stopped rotating. They feast mostly on crystals that are only edible to them.

Sayael nu 1of5herosketchv2s

The Hero, Dougal

Sayael nu print citizens

Librarian Hoeus

Sayael nu print priests

Crystal Priestress

Sayael nu 3of5priestv2s

Crystal Priestress Monochrome Version

Sayael nu npc guardda

Guard Concept

Sayael nu npc council02da

Evil crooked Hoeus guy

Sayael nu npcwizzsda

Crystal Priest

Sayael nu npc femguard

Random Hoeus Design

Sayael nu j

Nomad People

Sayael nu crystalfaceda

Crystal Oracle

Sayael nu femcitizenda

Random Citizen

Sayael nu sketchesda

Hoeus Race Sketches